How to Record

Thank you for helping The Harbor by recording videos for our Sunday services. Please try to follow these suggestions to make your video recording come out as good as possible.

  1. If recording on a phone, record horizontally. The phone should be held sideways, or horizontally, so that the resulting video is not vertical.
  2. Look at the camera whenever possible. This isn't so applicable to musicians, but when giving a presentation or announcements, please try to look at the camera when you can. You may need to reference notes or a script, and that's fine, but if you aren't reading from one, try to look at the camera rather than at the screen.
  3. When possible, try to find a backdrop as void of objects as possible. If there is a chair or something in the background, if you can move it out of the way, that would help your final result.
  4. Try to minimize contrast in the lower quarter of the frame as much as possible. Contrast in the lower quarter makes it more difficult to read the text overlay. For example, try to wear a dark shirt without a bright/white pattern on it.
  5. At the beginning and end of recordings, add about 5 seconds of you looking into the camera and not saying anything. When editing the videos, it helps if there is some buffer at either end that can be used to trim the video and fade it in or out.
  6. Try to frame the video properly. For musicians, the video comes out better if the frame is filled and we can see your instrument. For example, a guitarist should frame from their waist up.

Once videos are recorded, you can upload them from either a computer or a mobile device using this link: