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Navigating life's triumphs & trials together


Have you ever thought or said the words, “God can’t use me.” If you have, I want to encourage you with three unpretentious words, “You are wrong!” I bet you

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Sermon Synopsis: Covid-19 has paralyzed many people. They feel like they’re on a roller coaster ride slowly moving to the apex to have it stop. They feel the fear and

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Joy Despite the Dirty Dishes

This morning I saw dirty dishes in our sink! I know, it’s not an earth-shattering event. But, for a moment, I was appalled by the mess. Okay, maybe that’s just

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This is your time


YOUR TIME! In professional football, especially at the quarterback position, timing is everything. In a few seconds, the quarterback reads the defense, makes the necessary adjustments, takes a three, five,

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