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Who Am I?

I have asked many people the question, “Who are you?” Their response, at first, is always the same, “What do you mean?”   Then, some

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Stressed Out!

I recently had to say goodbye to the car I have been driving for many years. I loved that car. But then larger items started

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In 1984, I lost a football bet. That’s not unusual. Many people lose. But the payment for losing the bet was not monetary. I had

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God Never Changes


All of us go through changes. Our bodies, relationships, emotions, finances, and even our standards and character can constantly be in flux. Often these changes

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Rise Up


Tonya and I went through the worse possible event a parent can go through, the loss of a child. Rebekah Jo, our youngest daughter, passed

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Walking Through Pain

Pain happens. We can’t escape it. Pain, as Thanos, from Marvel Comics would say, is inevitable. So what do we do when we are confronted

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