Harbor U


Harbor University is the academic wing of The Harbor Church.

It consists of undergraduate (Foundations) courses and graduate lecture courses.


Foundations 100-400 are the initial spiritual undergraduate courses in Harbor University. They are not intended to be in-depth Bible seminars but the first steps to joining, growing, serving, and sharing your faith.

Foundations 100 is a prerequisite to becoming a member of The Harbor Church.

Old Testament Survey

This course will provide a general overview of the Old Testament. It will cover the historical, doctrinal, and Christological purpose of each book from Genesis to Malachi. It will give guidelines for the proper understanding of the Old Testament and prepares for a more in-depth study of the Old Testament books.

Biblical Evolution

How Our Bible Came to Be

In this course, you’ll learn the origins and history of the Bible from its ancient, and often obscure, beginnings to the present day.

New Testament Survey

We will address the timeline and structure of the new covenant, as well as its authors and messages, beginning with the Gospels – moving through the Histories, Epistles and Pastoral Letters, to Prophecy.


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