Marriage In Motion

Herb and Kris Marlowe lead the Marriage in Motion ministry here at The Harbor Church. It's a marriage ministry for couples of any age. (If you are not yet married, please contact us for further information.)

Come join us every Thursday night from 6:30-8:30 pm. Childcare is available for babies through 3 years old, as well as a children's program for your 3 year old through 5th grade children. 

It doesn't matter if your marriage is great, or in crisis, there is something here for you! All marriages need maintenance. We spend time learning our jobs, advancing our educations, and even learning a new hobby - but how much time do we spend learning how to be successfully married? 

Marriage In Motion is a place where we learn to love God and each other better by understanding our calling and role in marriage based on Ephesians 5.


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