David Towner

Who Am I?

I have asked many people the question, “Who are you?” Their response, at first, is always the same, “What do you mean?”   Then, some respond by saying what they do. I’m a doctor. I’m an athlete. I’m a business owner. Others reply by talking about family. I’m a parent. I’m a grandparent. I’m a […]

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Stressed Out!

I recently had to say goodbye to the car I have been driving for many years. I loved that car. But then larger items started to break, and my mechanic told me it would cost me close to $8,000 to get the car running properly. I asked, “What would you do if you were me?”

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In 1984, I lost a football bet. That’s not unusual. Many people lose. But the payment for losing the bet was not monetary. I had to show up to church.   Not to squelch on a deal, l showed up to a very large church totally trashed from a party and had left just hours

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God Never Changes


All of us go through changes. Our bodies, relationships, emotions, finances, and even our standards and character can constantly be in flux. Often these changes will overwhelm us, and we can make decisions that bring chaos and pain to our lives. I’ve been there and done that! Here is the good news, we don’t have


Rise Up


Tonya and I went through the worse possible event a parent can go through, the loss of a child. Rebekah Jo, our youngest daughter, passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident.  When we first received the news, we were numb. Everything stopped for a moment. We couldn’t believe it. Then, just a few moments later,

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