Stressed Out!

I recently had to say goodbye to the car I have been driving for many years. I loved that car. But then larger items started to break, and my mechanic told me it would cost me close to $8,000 to get the car running properly. I asked, “What would you do if you were me?” […]

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I Matter


2020 was a challenging year. The Covid-19 pandemic caused pain and misery around the world and instigated quarantines everywhere. The consequences were devastating.  Isolation. Financial hardship. Marital struggles. Divorce. Negative attitudes. Self-devaluation. The devaluation of others. Suicide. Many questioned if God cared. They wondered why a loving God would allow such a horrible thing to

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Have you ever thought or said the words, “God can’t use me.” If you have, I want to encourage you with three unpretentious words, “You are wrong!” I bet you weren’t expecting that! Throughout the Bible, God used ordinary dysfunctional people, just like you and me, to do extraordinary things. It’s true. Believe it! God

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Sermon Synopsis: Covid-19 has paralyzed many people. They feel like they’re on a roller coaster ride slowly moving to the apex to have it stop. They feel the fear and anxiety as they wait in anticipation for the ride to begin, but it never does. What do you do? Many people in the Bible got

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